Roofline and Dry Roof Systems

As with everything in life your roof will age. This is most apparent with old roofs when you look at the mortar joints on ridges, valleys, verges etc.  Recently, regulations on all new roofs have changed with regards to this element of the roof. It is now mandatory for all parts of the roof to be mechanically fixed and this has lead to the intoduction of many dry-fixed products from verge systems to GRP Dry Valley and proprietary ridge fixing systems. This legislation has lead to a massive shift in the idustry away from traditional wet mortar bedded systems and to these new improved ways.
 Another problem with older roofs is the old bituminous underlays. When draped into the gutters, because these were not UV resistant it was only a matter of time before they started to rot and drop away in to the guttering sytem. This meant, not only is there potential for blocking the gutters but also the old wooden fascia becomes a target for moisture build-up and thus starts to rot at the top edge (hidden by the gutter). The cost to install these dry, long-lasting systems, when compared to a mortar and timber repairs is extremely low and will give you complete peace of mind for many years to come. See a little about these sytems below.
Fascias, Soffits and Gutters
Fascia Soffit Gutter
A new fascia or soffit can be purchased in almost all colours and in many styles to suit your own personal taste. We can offer a like for like replacement where the existing timber is completely removed and a new, 16-18mm thick facsia and 9mm soffit is installed in its place or the more ecinomical, over-clad option where the existing timber stays in place and is covered with Upvc. (Note: This option is only available where the existing timber is still in good enough condition to be used to fix to)
Coupled to the above a new Upvc gutter will then be installed. Again these are available in many styles and colours.
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Dry Verge, Ridge & Valley Systems
Dry Verge System
Rather than spend a fortune replacing your roof, why replace just those bits most likely to cause grief. We can undertake a full replacement of any element of the roof to suit you from the following.
  • Mortar verge to Dry Verge System
  • Mortar bedded ridge to Proprietary Vented Dry Ridge Sytem
  • Bedded Valley to GRP Dry Valley System
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